Sep 27, 2017

3 simple xmas cards

a lot of recycling: pink sticky note pad cards, turquoise leftover paper 
(I laser cut another project of it), red flyers and green magazine pages

the tree was made by me with AI although it's not my original idea

xmas '16

Sep 26, 2017

black snowflake on red

it's unlikely to see this on photos, but I actually printed here a dark blue snowflake
(found online) on red copy paper, which created pretty charcoal result 
and overall the print looked a bit softer as the contrast was slightly muted

xmas '14 :)

Sep 25, 2017

boo! boo!

halloween card + chocolate bar wrapper for my best friend (made some long time ago...)
ruffle frame from polyester lining fabric

I found this girl silhouette on a vintage card, traced it using AI and made over a bit

dotted pattern by me, printed on recycled envelope

Sep 24, 2017

happy thanksgiving

dark green ribbon colored with copic marker
(which makes it nicely stiff and pliable)

it's Polish "Pani" instead of "Mrs." - just for fun ;)

Sep 23, 2017

another logo for my mother

as the round stamp I blogged about yesterday was pretty large
I was asked to make one more
more suitable for cards and other tiny pieces

Sep 22, 2017

gift bag + tag

simple gift bag sewed of burlap-like polyester fabric
houndstooth paper printed by me using regular laser printer
butterfly: recycled poster

and the gift itself was a logotype stamp (design by me) for my cardmaking mother

Sep 21, 2017

one card two ways

this is a card for little Leon i've made some time ago
the more minimalist approach has won ;)

magazine photo has been glued to cardboard

houndstooth paper made by me (laser print)

spray painted button as I luv spray painting, buttons in particular ;)

Jul 20, 2017

easel card with elephant

this elephant is a recycled catalog print and stands for "good luck"
the tag says "heartfelt wishes"

a birthday nursery rhyme inside about being one year older
and a parade of animals (including an elephant) on this occasion
- actually for a guy in his late thirties ;)

frankly, I made it long time ago... albeit never exposed to public view before ;)

Jun 11, 2017

burlap bottle bag

frankly? I'm not a huge fan of sewing burlap
and I struggled to find some use for this orange one...
I'm not even sure why I bought it, but since I did so... this is one more booze bag ;)

the tag says "all the best" in Polish

Jun 4, 2017

yet another handmade bottle gift bag

orange fabric on a clothespin stabilized with thick paper first
tags say: serdeczności (all the best in Polish) and Od wina głupieje dziewczyna
which is a Polish saying that means (very roughly!) Wine makes a gal shine ;)

the red rectangle is a pocket for some additional message or banknotes ;)

Dec 15, 2016

one more pink poinsettia

envelope liner, neon-pink sticky notes, white wire, green faux-leather organizer's cover

I really liked this card when I made it, like really really,
but now I think it might not look xmasy enough for some people... ;)

more recycled envelope liners: hereherehere & here

Dec 9, 2016

red poinsettia & vintage santa

poinsettia made of dollar store craft foam
spray painted button
one leaf cut out of fabric stiffened with hair spray, the other painted with acrylics
cord stiffened with diluted white glue
green paper is actually a thick paper napkin glued onto cardboard