Dec 5, 2017

Dec 2, 2017

handmade card with handmade santa

brown cardboard, navy blue paper shopping bag

as for the santa,
I have used this illustration before (here, here, and here

xmas '16

Nov 26, 2017

pink poinsettia card

paint chip (greeenish beige paper) + apparel price tag (white pearl print on thick tracing paper)
+ pink sticky notes + black fishing line

houndstooth pattern by me (laser print + self-adhesive tracing paper on it)

xmas '15

Nov 23, 2017

english tea snowflake

snowflake printed on a regular office printer (laser), found online

metallic (although it's barely visible on photos) sentiment from wrapping paper
tea cardboard box (pattern background)

xmas '15

Nov 21, 2017

red wreath

glass ornaments & buttons: spray painted (gold champagne/motip trendy specials)
red squares: painted strawberry basket wood

Nov 20, 2017

speaking of place cards...

xmas eve place cards
snowflakes from a free vector set found online
beads from a tree bead chain

xmas '10