Mar 12, 2018

bell & santa card

I printed on scrapbooking paper
and this is (again) the santa I made from a vintage illustration
of Robert Browning, the poet :)

xmas '17

Mar 10, 2018

xmas card that didn't make it till next day ;)

my mistake was that I recycled laminated paper (a used poster)
which had been rolled up for some time
you can see it flat (the background frame) but overnight
the front part rolled up back...
plastic has a tendency to retain its shape when kept rolled up for a long time
due to physical nature of polimer molecules it is made of :)

free snowflake vectors

xmas '17

Mar 9, 2018

one more hexagonal card

snowflakes: free vectors/font
sorry for poor photo quality (nighttime shooting...)

xmas '17

Mar 8, 2018

hexagonal xmas card

the middle size snowflake is a laser print with a masking tape on (painter's tape)
which makes the image appear soft, grayish, delicate & slightly blurry

xmas '17

Mar 7, 2018

bling & whites

shot in tough light conditions so it's hard to guess that bacground is actually
free laser-printed font/vector snowflakes

xmas '17

Mar 5, 2018

eight-point snowflake

I know, I know, snowflakes can't be eight-pointed ;)
but I really really like this simple free font/vector design

recycled: cardbord wrapping of some scrapbooking embellishments

xmas '17

Mar 4, 2018

six-point star card

bracelet rhinestones & epoxy stickers
check pattern by me
snowflake fonts

recycled green folder

xmas '17

Mar 3, 2018

"delicate sixfold symmetry" continues...

all snowflakes laser printed (free fonts/vectors)

recycled: cardbord wrapping of some scrapbooking embellishments

xmas '17

Mar 2, 2018

pink & red card with a star

clearly, snowflakes were my main theme for this past holidays cards :)
red craft foam (dollar store)

xmas '17

Feb 27, 2018

gray snowflake star

both snowflakes have been printed (free vectors found online):
the red one with a regular laser printer
and the green one has been offset printed (recycled illustration from another project)

the bigger gray star has been printed with a B&W printer and then covered
with self-adhesive tracing paper which gives some pretty satin finish 
unfortunately not to be seen on my photos :(

also has been recycled: envelope liner

xmas '17

Feb 26, 2018

snowflake for an owl... host :)

this is another trial-and-error version of my "owl snowflake"
we gave it to another friend who is often visited by a real owl 
(his cabin's chimney deep in the forrest to be exact)

xmas '17

Feb 25, 2018

snowflake for an owl fan

I designed this snowflake for our friend who collects everything owl related :)
owl from here
previous card for him here

xmas '17